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Employment Opportunities

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Assistant Administrator/RAII ~ Fieldstone_Wilsonville
Maintenance Technician I_F/T Portland Area
Peer Support Specialist ~ Clear Vue_ Springfield
Peer Support Specialist ~ Fieldstone_Wilsonville
Peer Support Specialist ~ Rockwood_Gresham
Psychiatric RN ~ P/T Pendleton Area
Psychiatrist ~ Portland Metro Area
QMHP ~ Creekside Crisis_The Dalles
QMHP ~ P/T River Bridge SRTF_Eugene
Residential Associate 1 ~ P/T OnCall Bridgestone_Wilsonville
Residential Associate I - P/T On Call Fieldstone _Wilsonville
Residential Associate I - P/T On Call_Willamette Rose
Residential Associate I - P/T Weekend_Alder Creek_Milwaukie
Residential Associate I - P/T Weekends_Willamette Rose
Residential Associate I ~ F/T NOC Bridgestone_Wilsonville
Residential Associate I ~ F/T NOC Rockwood_Gresham
Residential Associate I ~ F/T NOC_Mossy Meadows
Residential Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_ Columbia Rose
Residential Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_Alder Creek_ Milwaukie
Residential Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_Clear Vue_Springfield
Residential Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_Halsey St CRC_Gresham
Residential Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_New Roads_Pendleton
Residential Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_Salmon Run_Pendleton
Residential Associate I ~ P/T_Driftwood Lodge_Gold Beach
Residential Associate II - F/T Swing_Willamette Rose
Residential Associate II ~ F/T River Bridge_Eugene
Residential Associate II ~ P/T OnCall_Johnson Creek_Milwaukie
Residential Associate III ~ Johnson Creek_Milwaukie
Residential Associates ~ P/T OnCall_ Columbia River Ranch_Boardman
Residential Associates I & II ~ P/T River Bridge_Eugene
Skills Trainer ~ Jackson Park & McKinley Park_Portland
Support Services II ~ Administrative Office_Medford
Supportive Housing Associate I ~ (2) P/T McKinley Park_Portland
Supportive Housing Associate I ~ P/T OnCall_Portland
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